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Reiji Kotobuki in the ML2K% Family
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Rintarou to my Kaede
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    Best friend: Asbel Crush on you: Malik Enemy: Sophie First kiss: Hubert Lover: Cheria Cockblock: Asbel
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    best friend: sophie crush on you: richard (no) asbel (i approve actually) first kiss: sophie malik (oh shit) hubert (no...
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    //OMFG I got Malik for every one except Cockblock!! XD I got Pascal for that one! AHAHAA
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    I got Malik for literally everything except cockblock. Asbel earned that.
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    Best Friend: Richard Crush on me: Hubert Malik First Kiss: Sophie Asbel …Richard. …Richard is an amazing best friend I...
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    Best Friend Sophie Crush on me Asbel Pascal First kiss: Pascal Pascal Cock blocked: Sophie LOL this is funny
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    Best Friend: Sophie www Crush on you: Assbelle Enemy: Hubert you have a bro complex don’t you First Kiss: Hubert what...
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    Best Friend: Pascal (ooh! Not a dull moment, but the bath thing would be a problem) Crush on You: Hubert (don’t know why...
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